Fogo Island: Postponed to January the election of the new CPR bodies of the PAICV


São Filipe, Nov 28 (Inforpress) – The election of the new members of the Regional Policy Commission (CPR) of the PAICV, initially scheduled for December 3, was postponed to January 21, 2018, with a consensual list headed by Manuel da Luz Alves.

The decision to postpone the election for next year came as a result of a meeting of CPR members, held on Sunday in the city of Cova Figueira, Santa Catarina, which focused on the need to give more dynamics to the bases to participate in the elections.

Manuel da Luz Alves, who heads the list for president and who is assisted by two vice presidents, Fábio Vieira (Mosteiros) and Sónia Fonseca (Santa Catarina do Fogo), said that CPR members understood that the election of new members to this party body should provide an opportunity for local structures to streamline its bases, so that all the militants can participate in the act.

According to the official, in addition to a better and greater participation of the militants in the electoral process, it is necessary to create momentum at grassroots level, hence the need to postpone the process for next year to allow local structures of the three municipalities to carry out this preparation work and involvement of grassroots militants.