Fogo: Insufficiency of animal food worries livestock farmers who have vouchers but can not buy the product


São Filipe, Feb 2 (Inforpress) -Insufficiency of animal food in the island of Fogo has worried the livestock farmers who, despite having check vouchers, can not afford the product to feed their animals.

From January 5th to this moment, the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) has distributed to the farmers more than 11 thousand check vouchers, corresponding to more than three million escudos to support them in the acquisition of animal food, but the two companies selected to provide animal food only managed to provide an average of a thousand bags, but many of the livestock farmers from the three municipalities in possession of the document are not able to purchase the product.

In a round held on Thursday at the two units, Inforpress learned that Suinave has made available about 300 animal food bags and Upranimal a little more that and the amount could reach the thousand animal food bags available under the agreement.

Information gathered from the representatives of the two companies indicates that the animal food arrives in small quantity, lots of 100 to 200 bags, the last quantity received either by Suinave or Upranimal is dated on the 27th, Saturday, with 200 bags for each one of the companies and were sold on Monday, 29. Since then, the livestock farmers have been looking for this product more unsuccessfully.