Fogo: Group of people wants to open up space to discuss ideas and sales at low prices to energize the city


São Filipe, Mar 16 (Inforpress) – A group of four people linked to the cultural and recreational area intends to open up a public space to discuss ideas and to deposit objects and sales at low prices, as a way to boost the city of São Filipe.

Agnelo Vieira de Andrade, from the Djar’Fogo company, who presented the proposal during the eighth FATA project dialogue, said that the idea came from the conversation with another person, and two other people were invited to discuss and find a way to energize the city of São Filipe.

The group has been named “Ágora” has nothing to do with the respective companies / services, has already held three meetings and foresees next week a fourth session, says Agnelo Vieira de Andrade, indicating that the idea is have a public space to debate ideas and for deposit and sales at low prices.

“We are locating a place in the city where we can settle for a certain period and carry out this activity to try to make the city dynamic, doing things differently and with people available,” said Agnelo Vieira de Andrade, stressing that in that space people can deposit items such as furniture, clothes, books, CDs, for a short period of time, for sale, creating dynamism in the frequency of people who can also give their ideas.