Fogo: Chã population awaits resolution of water problem – equipment on the island more than two months ago

São Filipe, Apr 24 (Inforpress) – The population of Chã das Caldeiras continues to wait for the solution to the problem of water supply, two months after the arrival of the materials for the prospecting borehole equipment and the deadline for completion of the project.

The equipment for the water prospecting borehoke that will supply the population of Chã das Caldeiras has been on the island since early February, but the works for its installation, as well as the construction of the network between the borehole and the reservoir, are still have not started, as the population continues to face water shortages.

This is one of the main population demands living in the Caldeira, since access to self-transported water is more expensive, each 25-liter vessel is sold at 20 escudos, and is not always provided with the necessary frequency and quantity that satisfies the needs of the population.

To get a few liters of water in the spring of Boca Fonte, located between Ilhéu de Losna and Portela, it takes a day’s work, said a resident of Chã das Caldeiras, indicating that on Monday her son went to the spring around 5:00 a.m. and returned in the afternoon with three water bowls.