Fogo: Access to the regional hospital and neighborhood of São Bento between zones covered with public lighting extension

São Filipe, Sep 21 (Inforpress) – Access to the São Francisco de Assis regional hospital and the peripheral district of São Bento are some of the areas to be covered with the public lighting network extension, said Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy.

Alexandre Monteiro, who is on the island for a working visit, after a meeting with the mayor of São Filipe, Jorge Nogueira, first went together with the mayor and the delegate of the Electra in the region Fogo and Brava, Henrique Fernandes, through the only access road to the hospital which does not have public lighting despite the demands and later to the district of São Bento, to find out the situation.

The ruler said that the municipality of São Filipe and Fogo Island, in general, in territorial terms, have a coverage of almost 100 % of the electricity grid, and what is being done now, through concessionaire, is a “small extension” of the networks so that energy reaches people’s homes and there is not only territorial coverage.

According to him, the low-voltage network and public lighting extension is important for the safety of people and for the quality of life, both in the city and in the other locations where the work is being done.