First water desalination module in Brava island is to be installed later this year at Furna

São Filipe, Jul 13 (Inforpress) – The first water desalination plant in the Brava Island to supply the fishing community of Furna is due to be installed later this year, said the Águabrava administrator.

According to José Rodrigues, the desalinator in Furna will have the capacity to produce 60 cubic meters of water, 20 of which will be solar powered and 40 with conventional energy and will be destined only to this community.

An additional system will be installed in the village of Esparadinha, consisting of two modules of 250 cubic meters / day each, to supply the rest of the island.

Regarding Furna’s desalinator, José Rodrigues indicated that it already has secured financing and that the container must reach the island within a month and then begin its installation, as well as a small photovoltaic park and the whole network system until the reservoir, concluding that the forecast is to have available water before the end of the year.

The entire system, including the installation work, should represent an investment in the ammount of 150 thousand euros (16.5 million escudos).