Emigration: 42 Cabo Verdeans in the United States were deported from the beginning of the year so far.

Praia, Jul 18 (Inforpress) – A total of 42 Cabo Verdean emigrants from the United States have been deported to Cabo Verde since the beginning of the year, said the special and plenipotentiary ambassador to Cabo Verde, Carlos Veiga, to Inforpress.

According to the diplomat, the islands chosen to welcome these emigrants are Santiago, Sao Vicente, Boa Vista, Fogo and Brava, and Fogo Island received the majority of those deported. He recalled, however, that last year it had only 29 cases of returnees.

According to Carlos Veiga, since his arrival in the United States, cases of deportation with documents issued by Cabo Verde representations have only referred to criminal cases, homicide, robbery, possession and drug trafficking, possession of weapons, sexual offenses, domestic violence, thefts, robberies, among others.

“Compared to the estimated community size of about half a million Cabo Verdeans, including the second generation, is little. It is also smaller than the influx of deportees from other stops, such as Europe”, analyzed the ambassador.

However, he recognizes that this scenario is dramatic for the families of deportees in the US and Cabo Verde and can be destabilizing, socially and in terms of public safety for a small island country, composed mostly of small communities, of little more of hundreds of people.