Domingos Ramos High School will benefit from a leisure park until July

Praia, April 11 (Inforpress) – The hillside of the Domingos Ramos  High School, in the Lavadouro area, Praia City, will have a leisure park until July, under the “Urban and periurban forest” project financed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).                  .

According to the national project coordinator, Maria do Monte, with this Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment’s initiative the idea is the park be ready during the first phase of this project which began in September 2015 and ends in July of this year, in an amount of about 40 million escudos.

“On this slope, we made the first intervention with cleanings the solid waste that was there and, in the second intervention, we will make the leisure park that is in the tender phase so that July is ready,” explained the coordinator, indicating that this park has a budget of 8 million escudos.

Maria do Monte also explained that within the project framework the slope at the front of the CV Telecom building, also a dense and solid waste area was cleaned in partnership with some institutions, namely the Association for the Defense of Environment and Development (ADAD), as well as plantation of trees at Sao Francisco beach.