Djam Neguim launches promotional music to the campaign “Less alcohol, more life”

Praia, Aug 21 (Inforpress) – The ambassador of the “Less alcohol, more life” campaign, Djam Neguim, launched Monday the promotional video on alcohol abuse prevention, in which he conveys a message of “inspiration and awareness “.

During the presentation ceremony of the newest single “Less alcohol, more life”, which took place in the City of Praia, Djam Neguim said that this initiative aims to give an additional informal message to the campaign, especially to have a positive impact on the young layer, which is very affected by abusive consumption.

“The idea is to inspire and raise awareness, especially young people, and to give a less informal atmosphere, to make the message reach people in the most relaxed way possible”, he said, noting that the idea is that it is a continuous action, to have direct contact with the communities, to promote lectures, to identify the main difficulties in the fight against abusive use of alcohol.

Another important aspect, he noted, is linked to the presence of alcoholic beverages at various events, especially children’s and cultural events.