Director of Civil Protection and Firemen of Praia predicts good response to the rainy season

Praia, Aug 08 (Inforpress) – The director of the Civil Protection and Firemen of Praia, Celestino Afonso, defended today that rain protection services meet the necessary conditions for a good response.

In statements to Inforpress, Celestino Afonso said that the preparing work for the rains has been carried out in the normal way, a procedure that consists of preventing anomalies and requiring a comprehensive intervention by firefighters and civil protection agents.

“We do this preparation every year. We have the period of preparation and prevention, which begins in February, the period before the rainy season, and consists of identifying all the points that need an intervention, so that the city can be minimally prepared, allowing the waters of the rain can flow freely, without any impediment”, he said.

In this sense, he explained, there is a survey in the areas of  City of Praia and anomalies that they present, such as accumulation of garbage, trees that need to be pruned, obstruction of aqueducts, houses in situations that need some action to raise awareness among people for necessary care and walls with partial collapse.

These initiatives culminate in the Emergency Operational Plan, an articulation document on procedures in case of emergencies or in cases of intense floods, which can become uncontrollable.