CPLP Summit: East Timor underlines the importance of IILP and calls for greater attention to the institute

Santa Maria, Sal Island, Jul 18 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of East Timor, Dionisio Soares, who represents the Timorese president at the 12th Summit of the CPLP, which takes place in Sal, highlighted the importance of the International Language Institute (IILP) and asked for greater attention to the institution.

Dionísio Soares pointed out that East Timor was one of the founders of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) and recalled that before the table of Heads of State and Government there was the IILP table.

“Let us know how to give the credit it has and undoubtedly deserve. We are millions of Portuguese speakers and nothing justifies its abandonment. These millions are a characteristic among many others that give the Portuguese language the global attention. Therefore, it is a challenge to the organization and the institute itself as a coherent community”, he said.

The ruler of East Timor  said that he was convinced that the institute is properly trained humanly and financially, the IILP could be the main instrument for the diffusion, expansion and internationalization of the Portuguese language.