CPLP: Cabo Verde presents in February  action pla of the “people-centered” program – PR

Praia, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic said that the Cabo Verdean authorities are working hard to present an action plan in February, which is part of the “people-centered” program undertaken at the CPLP Summit in Santa Maria.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who is the current president of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), said at the opening of the 8th Parliamentary Assembly of the CPLP that Cabo Verde was committed to “a program centered on culture, oceans and people” which includes addressing the “relevant issue of mobility”.

“A number of projects and actions have already been prepared and we intend to submit them to the competent CPLP bodies to enable them to be implemented in a timely manner, in order to at  the end of the Cabo Verde presidency our community to could have tangible progress towards relevant and sensitive issues, corresponding to the expectations of citizens”, promised Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

According to the Cabo Verdean head of state, such advances presuppose “a community of people rather than states, more of citizens than of political bodies, more of societies than public authorities”.