Competitive group of cheese in Fogo and Boa Vista keeping an eye on the tourist hotel market

Praia, May 25 (Inforpress) – The competitive group of goat cheese in Fogo and Boa Vista, presented today in the city of Praia, will have as its main function the establishment of the link between producers and the niche of the tourist hotel market.

Created under the “Increasing the competitiveness of the goat cheese value chain” project, implemented by the Government, ONUDI technical assistance and EU funding, these groups, according to project coordinator Adalberto Vieira, aim to respond to the challenges that are currently imposed, as regards the cheese supply to the tourist hotel market.

“The hoteliers say that since the production of cheese supply responds to the premises of quantity, regularity and competitiveness, which would be willing to buy the cheese, namely from the islands of Fogo and Boa Vista,” he said.

Furthermore, considers Adalberto Vieira, the group perspective was presented as one of the best solutions, as already pointed out, there are challenges that can only be overcome with the union of producers, particularly the issue of regularity in the supply of raw material.