Carnival of Summer arrives in 2018 to the islands of Santiago São Nicolau and Sal


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov 27 (Inforpress) – The islands of São Nicolau and Sal and the City of Praia will host, in the summer of 2018, a workshop and demonstration of the Summer Carnival, similar to what happened this year on the island of São Vicente.

The confirmation was given to Inforpress in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) by the  Dudu Nobre’s manager, Wellinton Batista, for whom this cultural partnership is resulting “and well”.

According to the same source, “the partnership will leave São Vicente and embrace”, next summer, the City of Praia and the islands of São Nicolau and Sal, in addition to São Vicente, fruit, he pointed out, in the interest of the minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraão Vicente, in taking the initiative to other islands of the archipelago, he pointed out.

“Then the Carnival of Summer will extend and we will be in those four islands, but São Vicente will be the last one because we are going to marry the Carnival of Summer with the Baia das Gatas Festival,” said the same source.