CAN’2019 Qualification: Rui Águas calls three more footballers to replace Marco Soares and Babanco

Praia, Aug 31 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde coach Rui Águas has invited the footballers Fábio Arcanjo (Oriental), Diney (Estoril) and Mailson (Viltoril, Romania) to prepare for the game in Lesotho because the injuries of captains Marco Soares and Babanco.

According to a press release from the Cabo Verdean Football Federation, Babanco and Marco Soares, both of them evolving in Feirense (Portugal), are injured, so these three young men were called, all Cabo Verdean international players to the game in Lesotho.

The preparations for the game start on September 2 in Jamor, Portugal.

Cabo Verde plays against Lesotho on September 9 in Maseru City in the second qualifying round game for the African Nations Cup, CAN’2019.