Cabo Verdean Music Society launches process on the online registration platform and Muska app

Praia, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean Society of Music will overcome the insularity problem and the various counties of the country with the online registration platform in this society and the Muska app, while the first Cabo Verdean musical platform.

The president of SCM urges all the musicians on the other islands, as well as those in the diaspora and not only, to register their songs so that they can be present on this musical platform, by completing and making available all the content on this platform.

To this end, SCM will officially launch the link in the near future, so that this platform can be available on all the islands, as well as the musicians will be informed of all the points, in order to benefit from assistance and enjoy the use of their music.

To that end, the president, Solange Cesarovna, said that SCM is preparing the opening of counters of this society in other counties and islands, to help those interested in case of any need to register.