Cabo Verde coach believes Jovane will be in training on Sunday in Lisbon

Praia, Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde coach Rui Aguas believes that Jovane Cabral will introduce himself at the training of September 2 in Lisbon, Portugal, with a view to the game against Lesotho, CAN’2019 qualifiers.

“The change of national team is not so easy, but I will not advance anything in this respect”, said Rui Aguas, in an interview with the newspaper “O Jogo”, warning that if Jovane aligned in this game will be automatically prevented from opting for Portugal.

Former Cabo Verdean coach Lúcio Antunes, who provided the athlete with his first internationalization, in a Luxembourg-Cabo Verde (0-2) game, admits the hypothesis of the player opting for Portugal.

“Let’s see if he will be in this call for Cabo Verde. After that first game against Luxembourg, I called him two or three more times and he did not go”, he told to the “O JOGO”, explaining that a naturalization process was in progress.

Lúcio Antunes also said that the player was on the verge of going to the U19 European Championship, with the Portuguese team that was champion and going to the World U-20.