Boa Vista: City Hall presents Largo de Santa Isabel’s upgrading project at the Emigrant’s Festival

Praia, Aug 6 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Boa Vista will use Emigrant’s Festival, Tuesday and Wednesday, to present the Largo de Santa Isabel’s upgrading project and the Praia Cabral Beach seafront.

The initial version of the Largo de Santa Isabel’s upgrading project dates back to 2014, when, along with the Praia d’Diante upgrading project, it was first presented to the public on the occasion of the Municipality and Santa Isabel celebrations, which are celebrated on July 4th.

Under the theme “Longe da terra, mas sempre k Bubista na coraçon”, (Far from the homeland, but always with Boa Vista in the heart), the Emigrant Festival also has other activities such as futsal and ‘tacada’, and convivial lunch.

The event takes place in the Art and Culture Center, in the City of Sal Rei, and, according to the City Hall, has the involvement of the countrymen who are currently in their homeland, and has the purpose of promoting interactions with various institutions who deal directly or indirectly with emigrants.