Baía das Gatas 2018: PN security plan with “all conditions” created for the start of the festival – chief of police

Mindelo, Aug 09 (Inforpress) – The National Police of São Vicente assured in Mindelo that already have “all the conditions” are created for the Baía das Gatas festival to take place in a climate of “tranquility, civility and order”, according to information given by the chief of police.

According to the spokesman, Madelino da Luz, the National Police will develop a set of “preventive” actions during the three days of the festival, in order to allow the festival to be held without incident.

“In terms of security, all the conditions are created for the festival to take place in a climate of tranquility, civility and order”, said the chief of police of Mindelo, indicating that during the operation “special attention” will be given to two sectors, the one of transport and the one of the public security, that will work “in regime of cooperation and complementarity”.

Regarding traffic, according to the same source, the PN will be on the roads exercising a “strict control”, so that no accidents occur, with the inspection of “all the vehicles” that circulate in the road Baia / City / Baia in these three days.