Abílio Duarte was a man committed to Cabo Verde and his memory deserves to be preserved – Pedro Pires

Praia, Aug 20 (Inforpress) – The president of the Amílcar Cabral Foundation (FAC) described Abílio Duarte as a man committed to his country and to the process of liberation, affirmation and construction of a sovereign state, calling for valorization and preservation of his memory.

Pedro Pires made these statements to Inforpress when he spoke about the anniversary of the death of Abílio Duarte, the first president of the National Assembly of Cabo Verde, who died on August 20, 1996.

On the 22nd anniversary of Abílio Duarte’s passing, the president of the FAC characterized him as a “person in love with Cabo Verde” who gave his all in favor of national independence and a fairer Cabo Verde.

“He was a coherent person committed to his process of liberation and construction of a better Cabo Verde, a person who is passionate about his ideas, a companion and a very sincere and honest patriot who deserves our respect and his memory deserves our affection”, remembered.

According to Pedro Pires, the Amílcar Cabral Foundation, similar to the Aristides Pereira Symposium, held in 2017, intends to promote more symposiums in order to honor not only the memory of Abílio Duarte but also all the Cabo Verdean personalities that, in his opinion, were relevant in the struggle for independence and in launching consolidation of the bases of the sovereign state of Cabo Verde.