Santo Antão: UCID calls attention for “dire” situation on the island and invites MPs to visit rural populations

Porto Novo, Aug 16 (Inforpress) – The regional president of the Cabo Verdean Independent and Democratic Union (UCID) in Santo Antão, Jailson Brito, call attention  on Wednesday for the “dire” social situation that this island is going through due to, above all, the “failure” of the Government’s drought mitigation plan.

Jailson Brito, who was speaking to the press at the end of a visit to the East Plateu in Santo Antão, one of the areas worst hit by the drought, called into question the plan to mitigate drought and save livestock from the end of 2017, considering that “the families in the country are going through bad times”.

According to Jailson Brito, “lack of political will on the mitigation of drought” in Santo Antão, where the animals are dying, and invited MPs on this island “to visit the countryside and see the difficulties that people are facing”.

It is necessary, he added, that the national elected representatives for Santo Antão “take off their party clothes and work with truth, because the people are suffering”.