5th Monaroda International Gala of Wheelchair Dance takes place in September in Switzerland

Praia, Sep 5 (Inforpress) – The 5th International Wheelchair Dance Gala of the Cabo Verdean “Monaroda” group, will take place this year in September 22 in Sion City, Switzerland, announced Tuesday the person in charge for the group.

Miriam Medina, who spoke to Inforpress, said that the event, which will take place under the theme “Music and Rhythms”, is the result of an invitation from the Cabo Verdean Art Association of Valais ​​and Dance of Sion and will involve the participation of Brazil, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

“We want to thank the Association Du Valais for the invitation and we promise to offer memorable moments, because a dream dreamed alone is a dream. A dream dreamed together is a reality”, she said.

From the country will participate 14 members of the Monaroda group to present in wheelchairs various national and international dance styles.

This is the second time that the International Wheelchair Dance Gala of the Cabo Verdean “Monaroda” group is carried out abroad, the first one took place in Luxembourg.