“Travel in paints”: The art of painting and coloring walls by the plastic artist Joaquim Semedo

Praia, Jul 13 (Inforpress) – Travel in paints is the newest work developed by plastic artist Joaquim Semedo, who takes the art of painting to various corners of the country, coloring walls with portraits that convey feelings.

Joaquim Semedo’s paintings have gained prominence in recent days, with the artist giving life to the walls of various localities, with works of portraits that reflect the feelings the painter sees in plastic art.

In an interview with Inforpress, Joaquim Semedo said that the “Travel in paints” project was not planned, but rather came at a time when he saw the need to promote his work, as well as in the initiative to color walls of localities in the country.

“Traveling in paints came about by chance, not having been planned nor projected. It was a moment of inspiration in which I realized that I should expose my art throughout Cabo Verde, painting walls in the various locations” said Joaquim Semedo.

Santo Antão was the first island to receive the work of this artist, which he named “Negra Linda”, a painting that shows the features of a Cabo Verdean woman with a traditional handkerchief tied to her head.