The fight against HIV / AIDS in the country is exemplary and has achieved positive results – Artur Correia

Praia, Sep 3 (Inforpress) – The National Director of Health today classified the fight against HIV / AIDS in the country as “exemplary” because it demonstrated that the results achieved, due to the implemented approaches in terms of health, are “very effective”.

Artur Correia, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the training course for health care providers in communication strategies on “HIV & Disability”, said that this fight has been done in a “multi-sectoral, multidisciplinary and inclusive” perspective and in a perspective to improve the coordination followed in the National Plan to Combat HIV / AIDS.

“All together, we have been successful in this fight. Results have been … positive and we are now in a position to say that we are better aware of the dynamics of the epidemic in practically all vulnerable groups,” he said.

According to the National Director of Health (DNS), the existence of different studies in the bio-behavioral aspect has led the service to confirm a tendency in the reduction of transmission in vulnerable groups (sex workers, drug users and men who have sex with men).