São Vicente: MP says that MpD “will not be subjected to the whims” of the PAICV in terms of regionalization

Mindelo, Jul 11 (Inforpress) – The MP of the Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party) João Gomes said in Mindelo on Tuesday that his party will not subject regionalization to the “whims of PAICV”, which “who does not want to do anything but put sand in the gear”.

Also, as a member of the Joint Commission set up to discuss regionalization in the National Assembly, flanked by the remaining four members of his party elected by São Vicente, João Gomes was the main speaker of a clarification session at the City Hall of São Vicente, to “accentuate” the current moment of the creating administrative regions process in the country.

After doing the timeline of the facts, from the viewpoint of the MpD on the process, remembering that “his party has always defended the decentralization, and Ulisses Correia e Silva MpD” seized regionalization with flag”, the parliamentarian has centered on the largest opposition party that, he said, wants regionalization to happen in the second half of the legislature that will begin in 2021.

“Who acts in this way is not interested in regionalization at this time”, said João Gomes, explaining that the PAICV “does not say that it is against regionalization, it says it is available to negotiate”, but “attention”, he said, “does not wants to be subject to the proposed schedule” by the Government and MpD.