São Vicente: Government presents regionalization model focused on increasing the country’s economic potential


Mindelo, Mar 16 (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister said today in Mindelo that more than the costs that regionalization will represent, “the important thing” is to achieve a “most rational and efficient” model with a focus on increasing of the country’s economic potential.

Ulisses Correia e Silva was speaking this morning in Mindelo, during a conference on regionalization, where he took the opportunity to present the regionalization model that his Government is currently discussing in the country.

He made clear that his Government has a “concrete proposal” that is based on the creation of supra-municipal administrative regions, which are autarchies with a higher degree than the municipality, with transfer of powers from the central Government, which are already in the proposal of law, each a region with elected officials and elected officials, and political responsibilities.

According to the same source, the idea goes through a model that “does not spend too much” with political administration, but with a focus on achieving the country’s increased economic growth potential, increasing responsiveness to have more assertive and connected policies “with the needs of each one of the islands and the increase of the social commitment with the model of governance of the islands.