São Vicente: Cova de Inglesa centre for unloading of fish registers “very good year”

Mindelo, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – The year 2018 is half-way but is already considered “very good” for the Fishing Centre of Cova de Inglesa (CPCI) in  unloading of fish, registering 3.600 tons of fish unloaded.

According to the head of the CPCI, José Paulo Lopes, the figures refer to the first days of August, and July was the one that “beat all records”, with a total of 1.369 tons of fish unloaded.

Just to get an idea of ​​the campaign, our 100-ton cold storage chamber is full and we had to use six more freezer containers”, the source said.

According to Lopes, this period of “increased demand” has already forced CPC to recruit 25 temporary workers, who will  remain there until October, and join the 42 permanent staff of the Centre.