São Salvador do Mundo: MpD and PAICV workbenches with different readings regarding the development of the municipality

Achada Igreja, Jul 20 (Inforpress) – The leaders of the municipal workbenches of São Salvador do Mundo, Gil Vaz (MpD-ruling party) and Nasolino Tavares (PAICV) have “completely different” views on the development of that municipality in the countryside of Santiago.

The positions were expressed Thursday, during the solemn session of the Municipal Assembly, in commemoration of the 13 years of elevation of the São Salvador do Mundo parish to the category of municipality.

The head of the PAICV’s workbench, Nasolino Tavares, acknowledged that the creation of the municipality was “worth it”, but at that time some high leaders of the MpD did not believe.

As he remembered, in the PAICV’s governance and with the  Government support of this party, the council took the “first steps”, starting from nothing, during this time tracing the paths of a “sustained development”, which, according to this responsible, resulted in the construction of several works, highlighting Council Chambers, the High School, Achada Leitão asphalted road and the construction of the Faveta dam.