Santo Antão: Users are “expectant” regarding possible reduction of water tariffs in Porto Novo still in 2018

Porto Novo, Aug 30 (Inforpress) – The reduction of desalinated water tariffs in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, considered the “highest” in the archipelago, continues to worry consumers, who say they are “expectant” about the implementation of this long-announced measure this year.

Some users say they are still waiting for the promise of reducing the price of desalinated water in Porto Novo, which they consider “high”, to be fulfilled.

“For a long time we have been talking about lowering the price of water in Porto Novo, but we still do not know if they will keep that promise or not”, says the user João Andrade, an opinion shared by other consumers, addressed by Inforpress.

The regulator admits that, in fact, the water tariffs in Porto Novo are “high” and, earlier this year, promised to “assess the situation” with a view to lowering the price practiced since 2015, which the municipality itself has recording a tariff deficit of more than two million escudos / month, considers high.