Santo Antão: Solpontense president says inter-zone football tournament has achieved goals in combating alcohol abuse

Ribeira Grande, Aug 30 (Inforpress) – The inter-zone football tournament, organized by Solpontense in the context of summer activities in Ponta do Sol, reached its goals in combating alcohol abuse, according to club president Paulo Rodrigues.

“We purposely played games from Monday to Friday as a way to occupy the youth during the week so that they could take advantage of holidays without the abusive use of alcohol”, Paulo Rodrigues told Inforpress. “The only summer activity in Ribeira Grande, and perhaps in Santo Antão, linked to the fight against alcoholism”.

Paulo Rodrigues said that he is “satisfied” with the involvement of the young people in this tournament, carried out with the purpose of drawing attention to the abusive use of alcoholic beverages, especially for the consequences that it brings to those who practice sports.

The final of the competition is scheduled for today afternoon at the João Serra Stadium in Ponta do Sol, between the teams of Chechnya and Tchã, but the program is only complete with a lecture on “excessive consumption of alcohol and its consequences in sports”, given by psychologist Celeste Chantre, in the Parish Center of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, with the presence of all the athletes who participated in the tournament.