Santo Antão: Dr. João Morais Regional Hospital bets on photovoltaic energy to save on the electricity bill

Ribeira Grande, May 10 (Inforpress) – The Dr. João Morais Regional Hospital administration, in Ribeira Grande, expects to save about 50 percent (%) on the electricity bill with the installation of a photovoltaic mini-plant in this health facility.

The hospital administrator, Aníbal Miranda, said to Inforpress that the current bill amounts to around 200.000 escudos per month and, using renewable energy, expects to achieve savings that could reach close to 100 thousand escudos.

“This project came from the Ministries of Health and Industry, and will be implemented in all hospitals in the country,” said Aníbal Miranda.

The Dr. João Morais regional hospital has been implementing a program of administrative modernization, a requirement of the central administration, and this has happening, according to Aníbal Miranda, by the provision of the uniform for administrative staff, implementation of the “senha de vez” (appointment) to improve the organization of the provision of services to users.