Santa Catarina: “Mudjeres de Boa Esperança” group from Tarrafal wins batuku contest

Assomada, Aug 27 (Inforpress) – The “Mudjeres de Boa Esperança” group was the winner of the first edition of “Batuku in Festa – Competition of the Best Group of the Year”, which was played on Sunday night in Santa Catarina.

On a night marked by the rhythms of “Batuku” and traditional music from Cabo Verde, Mudjeres de Boa Esperança (Ribeira das Pratas, Tarrafal) achieved the highest score, with the themes “Dor na Mundo” (Pain in the World) and “Valoriza Vida” (Values Life).

The group persuaded the jury and the audience present at the gala disputed by six groups, and, with that received the sum of 70 thousand escudos, a trophy and a certificate.

The second place went to the group “Raiz Fincadu”, from Nhagar, also winner of best lyrics and best “dancer”, with the themes ” Tempo Escravatura” (Slavery Time) and “Cuzas de Mundo” (The things of the world), having received as a prize a check for 50 thousand escudos, a trophy and a certificate.

In the third place was from the “Txabi Nobu” group from Fonte Lima, with the themes “1947” and “Deus Manda Tchuba” (God sends rain), having received the sum of 30.000 escudos and also a trophy and certificate. The fourth, fifth and sixth places received certificate and “kits”.