PP questions the Government about the amount made available to deal with the bad agricultural year

Praia, Feb 11 (Inforpress) – The Popular Party (PP) has questioned the government about the amount made available to help stricken farmers for another bad agricultural year, and challenged the government to see the real situation in the country.

The party’s vice president, Felisberto Semedo, made the call at the end of another fortnightly meeting to discuss current issues, and called on government officials to leave their offices and walk in the field to really see how farmers and livestock farmers are living.

The official also called on the Government to take the paper and start implementing the measures, with the 566 million escudos made available to combat the drought and the bad agricultural year in Cabo Verde is “very little” and comes too late.

At the time, Felisberto Semedo added that the plan will have a greater incidence in the municipalities of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, and in the municipalities of Tarrafal, São Miguel and Santa Catarina, in the Santiago Island, which is classified as “discriminatory”, and shows that the Government has no idea and does not know the real situation of Cabo Verdean families.