PAICV meets in the National Council to address the ongoing reforms such as the constitutional


Praia, July 14 (Inforpress) – The PAICV National Council will analyze on Saturday and Sunday, at Praia City, ongoing reforms such as the Constitutional Review and Electoral Code, Regionalization, Parliamentary Reform and Statute of the Municipal Democratic Opposition.

At a press conference, the secretary general of the Cabo Verdean African Independence Party (PAICV) advanced this morning that his party already has its representatives for the Joint Committees created and that the National Council, as the highest body among congresses, will analyze and pronounce on current political issues in the country.

Julião Varela said that the PAICV is finishing the process foor renewal of the bodies in terms of intermediate and base structures to strengthen internal organization and political action, as one of the guidelines of the 15th Congress.

He believes, on the other hand, that Cabo Verde is experiencing ‘worrying signs’ about its national political situation, claiming that the opposition is being’ made difficult by the impracticability of a CPI of mandatory designation by the Parliament, made worse by the recent demonstrations in São Vicente and São Nicolau and insecurity in Boa Vista and São Vicente.