Government perspective micro-credit line to support fishermen and fishmongers

Praia, Feb 11 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Maritime Economy intends to create a micro-credit line for fishermen and fishmongers, to boost the economy of the sea and the integrated and sustainable development of fisheries in Cabo Verde.

The information was made available to Inforpress by the manager of the Directorate-General for Marine Resources, Emilio Sanches, in the City of Praia, moments before he made his speech in the debate on “Sustainable Fisheries” Public Policies linked to the fishing sector, promoted by “Nós Tchada” Foundation of the district of Achada Grande Frente, within the scope of the National Fisherman’s Day, celebrated the 5 of this month.

“There is a forecast to create a bank of small and medium-sized companies that will create incentives to grant loans to fishermen and fishmongers”, said the official who assured that, at the moment, work is being done on the creation of this bank and the procedures how the loans will be granted.