Fogo Island: AMP has closed searches to find the missing fisherman’s body five days ago

São Filipe, Jul 20 (Inforpress) – The Port Maritime Agency (AMP) closed Thursday the search to find the body of the 48-year-old fisherman, who disappeared Monday, 16th, near the  Vale dos Cavaleiros port.

After four days of unsuccessful searches, either at sea, using the Maritime Police vessel, or by land (on the north coast of Casa Betânia) involving National Police personnel and civilians who know the area covered, AMP has closed the searches.

The AMP delegate told to Inforpress that the search operations to find the body of the fisherman Marcelino Jorge Monteiro “Chalé”, resident in Fonte Aleixo-Sul (Santa Catarina), were closed on Thursday afternoon, but this institution warned all the fishermen to be attentive and if they find the fisherman body to activate the maritime authorities.

The fisherman went to sea at dawn on Monday, July 16, with Silvestre Barros, 65, and the boat sprang a leak in the hull and began to enter water, at the time the two caught swordfish with some dimension.