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Economic growth in Cabo Verde continued to accelerate in the second quarter – INE


Praia, July 17 (Inforpress) – The economic climate indicator shows that the growth rate of the Cabo Verdean economy continued to accelerate in the second quarter of this year, making the economic environment a positive evolution compared to the same quarter.

According to the results of the Economic Survey of Economic Indicators published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) the fair trade sector had a favorable environment, registering the highest value of the last 17 consecutive quarters.

Likewise, in the tourism sector the environment was “favorable” as the confidence indicator improved positively compared to the same quarter of the year, but the businessmen pointed to the lack of demand as the main obstacle for the sector in this quarter.

In the ​​construction area, according to the INE, the situation was also “favorable”, taking into account that the indicator maintained the upward trend of the last quarters, registering the highest value of the last 15 consecutive quarters, despite the high level of the interest rate and insufficient demand have been the main constraints of the sector.






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